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November 24th, 2014

Core Skills Day

Core Skills Day

Are you a new Magic: The Gathering player? Do you want to learn the rules of organized play, or do you simply need to dust off your skills and brush up on some new mechanics?

Stop by the library on November 24th, 2014 and join your fellow players for our first all-day PL2 event!

Depending on player turnout, we hope to have a variety of events available for players of all skill levels.

Don't have a deck? No problem. We can provide you with an introductory deck, and pair you up against an opponent who's interested in helping you learn the game.

New players should review the PL2 Terms and Conditions.

Artist of the Month


Bill McFarlane

The Nestling

The work of talented local artists are exhibited each month in the library. 

Are you a local artist looking to share your art with the public?

Call the library to reserve your space.