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Programs for Teens

Starting July 3rd

Pokémon League
(Public Library Players League)

Tuesdays @ 2 PM - 4 PM


New to Pokémon? Learn how to play and develop your skills!

Bring your own Pokémon Cards or a Nintendo 3/DS with a Pokémon video game.

We play Pokémon cards in the unlimited format, which means that you can use cards from any set to build your deck!

Recommended for ages 8-14+.
Please bring your own snacks.

Magic: The Gathering for Beginners
(Public Library Players League)

Thursdays @ 2 PM - 4 PM

Magic for Beginners

Learn how to play Magic: The Gathering using one of our pre-built decks. Library decks can be checked out like a book using your library card.

Find out more about Magic here!

Recommended for ages 10+.

Friday Night Magic
(Public Library Players League)

Fridays @ 5:30 PM

Public Library Players League

DCI Sanctioned Magic: The Gathering Tournaments.

Play begins right at 5:30 PM, so don't be late!

Constructed - Standard tournaments have no entrance fee, but other events may require $16 to participate.